Rattenkönig Rhizom


Der Sprechsaal freut sich sehr die dunkle Seite von Kamil Sobolewski 4 Wochen ausstellen zu dürfen. Die feuchten Ratten, geboren aber nicht am Leben haben sich die Schwänze so verknotet, dass sie gestorben sind. Das ist das erste Bild, welches Kamil Sobolewski für seine Fotoserie “Rattenkönig” aufruft.  

Der 1975 in Danzig Polen geborene Sobolewski wählt für seine Arbeit eine mystische Radikalität, die nicht einzuholen ist, die nicht alles mit Schlaglicht transparent macht, sondern etwas verbirgt. Vielleicht ein Begehren verbirgt, vielleicht das Traurigste zurückhält oder ins Traurigste zurückfällt.

Kamil Sobolewskis Fotografie erhebt ein Recht auf Privatheit und bedingt sich Schönheit aus. Das Lineare, und Kausale ist den Bildern des Rattenkönigs ein Graus.
Der Sprechsaal wird vom 29. Mai bis zum 27. Juni 2015 den vielfältigen Schichten der Geschichten der Ratten, des Mythos, der Postmodernen und der verborgenen Begierde einen Raum geben. Mit Vorträgen, Hörspielen, Filmvorführungen und Interviews, wird im Sprechsaaleigen Stil das Mannigfaltige des Einfachen heraus geschält. Wir wollen wissen ob die Revolution, die Rebellion, Eroberung 2015 mit einem neuen Mythos zu tun hat oder nur mit noch mehr Hygiene funktioniert.
Wieviel Mythos braucht der Mensch?

»Ein solches System kann man Rhizom nennen. Als unterirdischer Spross unterscheidet sich ein Rhizom grundsätzlich von großen und kleinen Wurzeln. Knollen und Knötchen sind Rhizome. Auch Tiere sind es, wenn sie Meuten bilden, z. B. die Ratten. Ein Bau ist in allen seinen Funktionen rhizomorph: als Wohnung, Vorratslager, Rangiergelände, Versteck und Ruine.«
Gilles Deleuze “Rhizom” 1980.

Kamil Sobolewski, Fotograf, Animation und Zeichner, geboren 1975 in Gdansk/Polen, studierte Zeichnung und Grafik bei Jan Abstawski und Fotografie an der Ostkreuzschule Berlin bei Ute Mahler.
Er lebt und arbeitet in Berlin und Frankfurt/Main.


The insipid feeling of never losing the ability to smell carrionThe sticky desire to live. The cell does not divide, it does not require space, but dies anyway.  An invisible, not visible (sic!) hand or strings is required to hold the sinews to allow the as of yet undivided component parts to pull themselves together and to breath. Five fingers on one hand are as strong as a threaded structure. Taxis are just as flat as Texas. Its flatness is its contradiction. Always. Nobody is just horny. Each contradiction, just like the coughing cell stuck to the rat’s nest, needs its space. There is far more space between Warsaw and Moscow than Berlin and Paris.a. A handful of self-reassurance. It freezes. But it has just reached out. Beyond, behind the mountain, the revolution.b. “Humidity, much.” Without revolution the humid will become an absent-minded asshole through a-historical but traditional self-overestimation. With its desire to move outwards, the humid, without pain and guilt, go to Bayreuth.c. Get away from there. Sparkling whilst celebrating leads to a reduction in social complexity. In our circles, this is termed marriage or gelding.d. Schmoozing, stroking, building others a pit, from clay, from tree. The rabbit serves the wolf with fear, the wolf serves no one. He eats the rabbit anyway. The idea can only deliver the bearing of children.e. My lungs full of tarMy belly on the keyboardMy love in the notesMy fingers on the keysNo aspiration betweenMy socks wet with sweatMy lips velvet dryRhythm can’t be heardMy kisses were visible to allMy love is abrasive from the startYou cry for traces in the bloodI am bleeding.f. Fassbinder to Moreau “Just be great.”g. Whatever.It’s not clear if you or she want anything more. Certainly nothing more in the next half an hour. What you definitely could have done better was postmodern.h. Mirko! Come out to play? No, why not? Don’t want to. But I’m in my granny’s next week. Have fun.i. Drive on what lies in front of you, loudly and forcefully, so that twitching and fright will not be its first movements, rather, the volume must be so intensive that the ground upon which the water rests awakes. In that sense humanity is not the worst thing that could happen to the human earth.j. The distance between intimacy and emotional dependence is the differentiation in the question whether you love her. So spoke the young man at the beginning of the day.k. I am at war because I am not the son of a wealthy white man. I am a son of a whore, who must fly for a land which assumes neither responsibility nor a future nor hope for me. I hate the land in which I was bornl. Sing my Saxon, sing.m. All words appear, no they are embarrassing. They confirm this incomprehensibly beautiful world. The darkness shines and it shines, not the brightness. It spreads itself out. Where that is, is where the words are set. Because they are so small, they embarrass.n. You are all gone, you left before I could love you. The most beautiful sentence in the world cannot change that. Marie Farrar is still dead.You asshole. Forbid yourself from thinking.That the digital world lets you dream and that you suffer. Is.Your fault.A4 The surface is that what we see. True surface. Hate and hiccups.Must unite.In order that the powers that be understand their lack of humour, for they do not love what they improve.If the day in Prague was still to come, all would be happy.o. “I saw the flames myself. Soon after that I had to leave Germany and first saw it again wearing an American uniform. A survivor. Years later I returned to the eastern part of the country. […]To be sure the majority of people affected by the constraining burden of Stalinism and post-Stalinism have been freed. But the crisis to which I referred, a crisis which now involves the whole industrial world, has become even more apparent. How long will this planet, the only one we have, suffer the manner in which humanity produces and consumes its multifarious commodities? And how long will humanity suffer the manner in which these commodities are shared?” Stefan Heym 10.11.1994p. Dog Day’s AfternoonParsifal was proud but not aware of his wounds. He lacked the appropriate vocabulary. Promises of salvation lie in the wound. Affliction, which allows life to rumble on, is also part of the wound. When the small, fat Kafka drags you by your calves, even the Chancellor/ King of the farmers understands that he will lose. Wounds are not just funny if you know enough doctors. Or you forget the urgency. Like the unbroken bourgeoisie in West Germany after the French Revolution. Calmly reflect, how our future is to be, said Marx to Heine, that is what the king said. Both then said: Where is Paris? Today it lies below the Falkland Islands. At the time it was the polyphonic place. In Germany, trouble makers were expatriated, always. That is why pure capital is having a bad time. Parsifal was not German.q. “Danube so blue,So bright and blue,Through vale and fieldYou flow so calm,Our Vienna greets you,Your silver streamBids lands together,And joyful hearts beatOn your beautiful shore.“Franz von GernerthDanke Kamil.

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